3D Denture Revolution: The Art and Science of Making Perfect Dentures Every Time

There are many problems surrounding denture production today. For one, the process is very complex, and takes much more time to produce when the denture is manufactured by hand. In addition to the long hours spent creating these prosthetic devices, these dentures are prone to having a margin of error since they are hand-made. Additionally, the long and cumbersome process of producing dentures causes many problems for patients and dentists alike. For example, the shape of a patient’s gums may change drastically over time while the denture is being processed. Thus, when receiving the finished product, the impression of the patient’s gums which were used to produce the denture may have changed during the long wait time, which creates huge discomfort and additional patient visits to make adjustments to the dentures. All these problems are solved by the cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology DENTCA provides..

Create Perfect Smiles, Reduce Wait Times, & Elevate Your Dental Mastery

By using CAD and CAM systems, DENTCA is capable of greatly reducing the manufacturing time and the cost of making the final dentures. As shown in the chart below, DENTCA only requires 1 patient visit before final denture delivery, compared to 5 visits required by conventional methods. By reducing the number of visits, the total chair time is also reduced from three hours to only 45 minutes, meaning dentists can now save time and see more patients. Moreover, the processing time for DENTCA products takes about 10 days on average, whereas conventional dentures require at least 30 days for production. Not only does DENTCA manufacture dentures at a rapid pace, but enhances the final denture quality due to 3D modeling and production techniques. Additonally, the 3D model is a permanent digital record DENTCA can always access in the event a replacement or additional set is needed. From start to finish, the cost-effectiveness and productivity of DENTCA denture solutions are in a league of their own, far beyond those of conventional denture products.

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Get Twice the Results in Half the Time

The greatest benefit of using the CAD and CAM systems is the reduction in the number of patient visits.

Conventional dentures usually require five or more patient visits!
  1. Patients take an initial impression of their gum on the first visit.
  2. Patients are called back to the office for a custom tray impression.
  3. Patients visit for VDO, VDR, and CR checkups, and for mounting and teeth set up.
  4. Patients make a fourth visit for teeth try-ins and final processing.
  5. Patients receive the final and fitting denture during their fifth visit.

On the other hand, DENTCA requires ONLY 1 PATIENT VISIT (to take the impression) before final denture delivery.
Once we receive the impression from our doctors, the CAD system creates three-dimensional renderings of how the denture is going to look using the anatomical landmarks captured in the impression. The CAM system controls the mechanical tools and related machinery for 3D-printing the dentures. By taking away the human factor, these dentures are created in a shorter amount of time with the least margin of human error.


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