1st Appointment - Intraoral + CBCT Scanner Protocol (Complete)


1st Appointment - Intraoral + CBCT Scanner Protocol (Complete)

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1.   Remove the healing abutments and place the corresponding DENTCA scan body 
** Scan bodies must be ordered from the DENTCA website
2.   Take an intraoral scan from each arch. Take a frontal picture of the patient’s face utilizing the DENTCA picture app at m.dentca.com
3.   Take a CBCT scan image. Have patient close bite completely using existing dentures (no bite stick)

Note: If you previously delivered a DENTCA-Temp and performed these steps before simply perform steps 1 and 2 and place a DENTCA-4 order online and refer to the DENTCA-Temp order number.

Please note the Dentca-4 system is only compatible with bone level implants with an internal hex. Implants must also be at a distance of at least 7mm between each other; and a minimum of 4 implants (2 per side of the arch) are necessary.

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