1st Appointment - Intraoral Scanner Protocol (Complete)


1st Appointment - Intraoral Scanner Protocol (Complete)

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1.   Remove the healing abutments and place the corresponding DENTCA scan body 
** Scan bodies must be ordered from the DENTCA website
2.   Take an intraoral scan from each arch. Take a frontal picture of the patient’s face utilizing the DENTCA picture app at m.dentca.com
3.   Select the appropriate size maxillary DENTCA tray and remove the posterior attachment. Take a heavy body PVS impression (It’s important to border mold the upper lip frenum area)

4.  Relieve any exposed tray areas, in order to create your custom tray

5.  Apply Light Body PVS over heavy body impression (It’s important to border mold the upper lip frenum area)

6.  Repeat the same with lower Impressions

7.  Clean Lower impression releasing the lingual grooves. Attach the tracing pin to the lower tray, until you feel it snap into place

8.  Adjust the pin height to the desired VDO

9.  Attach EZ tracer to upper tray & place both trays back in the patient’s mouth

10.  Ask patient to perform protrusive and retrusive movements softly

11.  Locate your desired CR point & create a dimple in which center will be the traced CR position

12.  Seat trays into the mouth. Make sure the pin locks into the dimple and that the trays are not touching in the posterior section

13.  Stabilize lower tray with your fingers to prevent tilting & Inject bite registration material between the trays

14.  Remove the trays out of the mouth in one piece

15.  Place lip ruler into the mouth, resting on the incisive papilla & record upper lip measurement, by looking at the numbers from eye level

16.  Find out the desired gum and tooth shade by using a vita shade guide

17.  Log into your account and place order online (If new to DENTCA you will need to register and create an account)

18.  Patient Images: Full facial view Image with the existing denture (open mouth using a mouth gag/retractor with the bite closed), side view images with and w/o smile

19.  Please provide Implant Information (brand, model, diameter and length) when placing order

20.  Print order Sheet and shipping label and ship everything to DENTCA


Note: If you previously delivered a DENTCA-Temp and performed these steps before simply perform steps 1 and 2 and place a DENTCA-4 order online and refer to the DENTCA-Temp order number.

Please note the Dentca-4 system is only compatible with bone level implants with an internal hex. Implants must also be at a distance of at least 7mm between each other; and a minimum of 4 implants (2 per side of the arch) are necessary.

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