Clinical Protocols


Clinical Protocols

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1st Appointment:

Impressions with Stone Models




1st Appointment:

Impressions with Intraoral Scanner

  1. Take both maxillary and mandibular impressions with alginate or heavy body PVS
  2. Pour stone models. Trim/relieve models to remove irregular areas
  3. Take a PVS bite and submit your case
  4. Place lip ruler on the incisive papilla & record upper lip measurement, by looking at the numbers from eye level**
  5. Find out the desired gum and tooth shade by using a VITA shade guide
  6. Log into your account and place order online (If new to DENTCA you will need to register and create an account)
  7. Print order Sheet and shipping label and ship everything to DENTCA.

** If measurement is not possible due to the presence of teeth, place it at estimated height outside the mouth and measure on top of the lip

  1. Take a intraoral scan of the Maxillary Arch
  2. Take an intraoral scan of the Mandibular Arch
  3. Take an intraoral scan of the bite. Save all files on STL and place order on the DENTCA website

2nd Appointment:

DENTCA-Immediate Delivery

  1. Perform extractions and place implants
  2. Deliver DENTCA-Immediate denture and adjust bite if necessary
  3. Perform follow-up appointments to determine when to take next steps towards a DENTCA-4 transition